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Le chant des ruines - Creation October 2019

« We no longer know in what proportions we construct or deconstruct our world. » In a light, interactive stage design, Michèle Noiret invite five performers to react to this ever more chaotic, disconcerting and violent world of ours. Creation scheduled on October 4 & 5th, 2019 for the opening of the Charleroi danse Biennale. More info

INTERVIEW - Michèle Noiret confronts languages

Interview of Michèle Noiret by Didier Béclard in Demandez le Programme. The choreographer tells us about her different creative projects: DÉSIRS, Vertèbre, Le chant des ruines. Read the article


From April 9 to 27th, 2019, the company has been in residence of creation of its next group creation, Le chant des ruines, in Chaillot - Théâtre National de la danse in Paris, within the framework of La Fabrique. First scheduled for October 4 and 5th, 2019, for the opening of the Biennale de Charleroi danse. More info.