Six order pieces

Creation on 13, 14, 15 May 2011 for Les Rencontres Chorégraphiques Internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis.

Michèle Noiret will choreographied a solo for Thomas Lebrun's project Six order pieces.

Thomas Lebrun's artistic intentions

As a choreographer, my reflex is to surround myself with different collaborators on a given choreographic work, and that is, in effect, what I usually do. So I choose a lighting designer, a scenery/stagecraft artist, a video artist and a composer that fit in with the project underway; with its dance colour and its needs as a budding show.
I invite participating dancers in the same way – according to their qualities and to what they can offer both the piece and my ‘thought line’; and according to how they can second the work artistically, helping to bol- ster the dance. When I begin a project I choose a crew that will follow it and work with it, keeping in mind that exchange is the principal motor of each new work.

In this case, though, I wanted to change the “order”. My wish was to bring together an artistic crew that would form a project (and not a project that would form a crew). I wanted to highlight what isn’t usually emphasised in dance shows. Elements that, in general, finalise or simply accompany a project will in this case be its corner stones.
Dance shows off the body, because the body is its living tool... and whatever is most alive tends to decide and to rule the day.

But this proposal will try its hand at something else: Allowing dance and the body to serve other art forms that frequently rub sides... Allowing anything that’s mine, so to speak – dance, writing, body – to serve light- ing, video, music, or even another choreographer’s state- ment...
This, to me, means that I am their instrument, an inter- preter of different artistic compositions. I want to give something back; until now, other art forms (such as music) have always served me.
To achieve this, I have asked different artists for a new, 10-minute long piece.

These artists include:
Two choreographers : Bernard Glandier and Michèle Noiret
One scriptwriter/director : Ursula Meier
One video artist : Charlotte Rousseau
One lighting designer : Jean-Marc Serre
One composer : Scanner

Thomas Lebrun

photo © Frédéric iovino