Territoires intimes

Creation 12-13 March 2004, Manège de Maubeuge - Lille 2004 / Festival Borderline

“For Territoires intimes, I choose to draw more deeply on elements from my personal world as well as from the performers' one, a blend of memories, dreams and reality, images and fantasy. The work is done in close association with all partners and performers taking part in the research process.

My objective is to make the characters exist through their memories' emotional atmosphere and tangible poetry. If memories are brought too suddenly in contact with theirs source, the poetic dimension might vanish.

Taking the bodies and personalities of the six performers as a starting point, the piece will try to materialise the motions of their inner, most secret thoughts. Their encounters and ties, their failed or impossible connections, the attractions they feel will all together weave the fabric of the piece. Six characters, six inner monologues whose curves follow and cross each other, echoing Marguerite Yourcenar's comment on Virginia Woolf's "The Waves”:

The characters are nothing more than seagulls on the edge of time's ocean, and the reminiscences, the dreams, the perfect and fragile concretions of human life seem like shells on the edge of a majestic eternal swell. (…) “The Waves” is a meditation on life, but it is also an essay on human solitude”.

Michèle Noiret