Stage short-film - 52 '

Creation 12, 13, 14 March 2015

At Théâtre Le Manège, Mons
As part of Mons 2015, European capital of culture, and the International Festival Via.

Michèle Noiret is engaged in a choreographic quest that mutualises the means of theatre and cinema. Beyond the ingeniousness of the technical system, enabling the stage space to be redesigned geometrically and revitalised, the inscription of dance within the field of film doubles its dramatic intensity. Borne by a prodigious choreographer, whose body resists the test of time, the project forcefully embodies the Deleuzian idea of the ‘image-movement’, where film and dance seal their common kinetic destiny.” Read the full review in French
Florian Gaité,
Inferno Magazine, February 2016

Radioscopies is a ‘moving plasma’, as Jean-Luc Godard would have said, a fluid cinema-stage set-up against separation, a sensitive spilling out of the nightmare into ‘augmented’ private life. It may be choreographer Michèle Noiret’s most sensitive and most intense piece. Wide or tight shot, in the interplay of scales between macro and micro, she has the force of an interrogation. Having experienced its expressive powers, Radioscopies leaves the field open to all poetic peregrinations. The Noiret shot, singular among all, is the cause of our delight.” Read the full review in French
Sylvia Botella, Rtbf-Portail Culture, February 2016

“Michèle Noiret is a magician who likes to play with our senses, fooled but never disillusioned. As such, it is our connection to time, to the times, to the concordance and discordance of time, according to two simultaneous images, that she brings into play: she exacerbates the uncertain passage of time.” Read the full review in French
Philippe Dewolf, Musiq3-Portail Culture, February 2016

“I often get exasperated by the omnipresence of the screen in dance pieces. That’s not the case here. The use of film conceived and shot by design, its subtle, reactive, inventive and dynamic dialogue with the stage, the dramatic composition fashioned from simple things, drawn out of the sheath of the intimate, the choice of romantic or exotic music and, above all, the emotion generated by the splendour of an artist at the peak of her art, all of that gave me a joy, a rare and infinite happiness as only the theatre can when it is at its very best. Michèle Noiret does not dance alone, as has often been said. Michèle Noiret dances with dance. And her whole piece dances with her. Michèle Noiret is all dance in this piece.”
Patrick Roegiers, writer, February 2016

Radioscopies, the accent is delicately placed on the mise en abyme of the words. The set reproduces the façade of the place where the choreographer lives and works. (...) The overall effect is very bright, truly disturbing as every landmark has been blurred. (…) The very elaborate sets are remarkable. Already superb in Hors-champ (2013), these hyper-realistic mobile sets introduce genuine unrest.”
Philippe Verrièle, February 2016

«Michèle Noiret presented, on the stage of the Teatro Mercadante in Naples, one of the most interesting shows in the 2015 edition of the Napoli Teatro Festival Italia. (...) The moments concerning the couple are very beautiful and cinematographic: they recall the films of Antonioni, Bertolucci and the French New Wave.»
Simona Perrella, Picwick, June 2015

“It’s certainly this hidden world that interests the dancer and choreographer. And that’s what she finds in Conrad Detrez, a few words of whom we hear at the start of the performance, evoking the wonderful, the imaginary and the certainty that each of us has several different personalities. (…) Michèle Noiret is both the woman in a red dress propelled into a sensual, solitary dance and the same woman watching her double at a good distance. Soon a man appears, suddenly, from the outside (climbing the steps four at a time, losing his way in the maze of shelves…) If one wonders logically about the presence of this man, his relationship with the woman who lives in this house, one soon forgets these things, captivated by the sensual dance that unites them. A certain tension constantly hangs in the air, but closer to tenderness than aggression. We do not know what unites the two protagonists, but we become attached to their double act, their appearances on stage and on screen, in front of and behind an astonishing moving set that reproduces part of the artist’s actual studio. (…) Taking us to the hidden side, Michèle Noiret opens doors but never shuts them. Each revelation throws up new questions, new dreams, new secrets. An endless well…”
Jean-Marie Wynants, Le Soir, 14 March 2015

“… Detrez makes himself heard from the outset, underlining the secret, the mystery of the world. It’s there that the choreographer is consonant with him; through gestures and looks, she likes to touch on the dark sides of the soul and the body. Between stage and screen we see relay and response. Passages, in addition to the doubts bred by the live or recorded film. The formula has proven its worth in previous pieces; we’re still hooked. The lights of Xavier Lauwers, the soundscape created by Todor Todoroff and Pierre-Axel Izerable and Sabine Theunissen’s fluid stage design serve as the setting for the discreet meeting between a woman (Michèle Noiret) and a stranger (Isael Mata), raising questions of reality, dream, desire and domination. (…) Besides the dance – precise, impulsive, full of undulations (…) – we are captivated by moments: dazzling where the image splits and blurs, almost entering a trance and probing identity as a shifting parameter.”
Marie Baudet, La Libre Belgique, 13 March 2015

“Michèle Noiret has constructed this ‘stage short’ by continuously mashing things up. Reversed images (…), live images, mixed with recorded images without visible editing point, prompting you to loosen your grip, free yourself from logic and allow yourself to be swept along by the imagination (…) The choreographer has created an enchanting and aesthetic piece.”
Didier Béclard, L’Echo, 14 March 2015


Identity in the digital age
“… If one artist is a perfect fit with the VIA programme it’s Michèle Noiret, dancer, choreographer, and passionate about the links between dance and the possibilities offered by technology. In Radioscopies, which will be performed for the first time in Mons, she invents a hybrid form named “court-métrage scénique” or stage short. A blend of choreography, theatre and cinema of which she knows the secret…”
Jean-Marie Wynants, Le Soir, 4 March 2015