L'Escalier Rouge

L'Escalier Rouge
Performance - 20 '

L’Escalier Rouge presents a couple obviously on the run, in an evacuated building, which they are trying to turn into a refuge. Here the action and the scenery, reduced to the essence, focus the dramatic tension onto the couple in a state of alert — Michèle Noiret and David Drouard — whose dialogue holds the audience spellbound. Forcefully, accurately and in collaboration, this fine duo embodies the contradictions of a couple who do not totally manage to create a place of mutual protection for themselves. Their dance, too, emotionally invested and embodied, takes shape at the heart of a knot of antagonisms between the demonstration of force and fragility, between the solidity of their union and the necessity of their separation, between the wonderful freedom they show and the asphyxiating atmosphere in which they live. Oscillating between anxious checking and liberating relaxation, between the sensuality of the hip action and the incredulity of disillusioned lifts, the choreography shows the way in which the last forces are spent in the battle as the possibilities of escape are exhausted, to this outcome in the form of an impasse that, just like this suspended time, constitutes the end of the piece.” Read the review
Florian Gaité, Inferno Magazine, February 2016

“In L’Escalier rouge, the images projected show Michèle Noiret and her partner who chase one another, first in the aisles of the theatre, then in the wings, finally arriving on stage. The spectator then gives herself over to a to-and-froing between the filmed image and the real-time dance, which run concurrently. (...) This illusion or conjuring trick suggests that the choreographer Michèle Noiret is a magician who likes to play with our senses, fooled but never disillusioned. As such, it is our connection to time, to the times, to the concordance and discordance of time, according to two images at the same time, that she brings into play: she exacerbates the uncertain passage of time.” Read the review
Philippe Dewolf, Musiq3-Portail Culture, February 2016

"(...) the dazzling beauty of the film image and the force of movement on the stage are both delightful and troubling; that of these two people overwhelmed (Michèle Noiret and David Drouard), - even damaged by camera surveillance, black and white, omnipotent, omnipresent - in the essay (in development) L’Escalier rouge. (...) L’Escalier rouge is the substance of life that we precipitate outside the frame, within the frame, in a clever game of continuity errors, spatial disorientation and sensorial and cognitive breaks, which it also is. (...) Is the malicious beauty of L’Escalier rouge due both to the plastic effects and the very filmy, dreamy, heady music (Colder, Francisco Lopez, Pierre-Axel Izerable, Todor Todoroff)?” Read the review
Sylvia Botella, Rtbf-Portail Culture, February 2016

“For L’Escalier rouge, a large sheet blocks off half the stage, another the back, a third the wing stage left. Above is a space for projecting a film showing a couple on the run in a deserted building. There are no explanations. The two protagonists (the choreographer and David Drouard, powerful and very much in harmony) enter the stage intermittently for a sensual, troubling dance. These are not concrete accounts of the film (some images are shot live, but out of view), but a type of physical translation of the anxiety shown in the images." Read the review
Philippe Verrièle, February 2016