Les Plis de la Nuit

Creation from 24 April to 11 May 1996, Le Botanique, Brussels
Being fascinated by the strange world invented in the work of Maurice Pasternak, both in depth and in detail, Michèle Noiret had the desire to instigate an encounter. In looking at his work and listening to him speak, she had the impression that it hadn’t only to do with engravings or drawings, but of the spectacle of a living macrocosm.
These characters living their own interior lives within the obscure universe that they plunge or in which they burst forth, could inhabit the stage.

Pasternak’s work is peopled with beings sometimes apparently absent from themselves, sometimes overflowing with energy and mixing their individual world with the collective space. Here each individual seems to remain alone as if detached from his surroundings, from that which in fact he touches, or is nearly touching, which is to say: what he himself embodies.

As preexisting visual material, the figures drawn by Pasternak in the form of “solitary groups“ and “communal solitude,” are at the origin of a choreographic development purged of any sort of narration. His visual propositions are catalysts for movements and images and they induce the placement of the bodies in the space. Pasternak’s work acts as stimulating exterior data, nourishing the process of exchange between the choreographer, the dancer and all of the artistic collaborators in the project.