Michèle Noiret à contrechamp


Ten years after Belgian filmmaker Thierry Knauff’s movie Solo, 17 years after Solo Stockhausen and 37 years after her first collaboration with composer Karlheinz Stockhausen, the choreographer, dancer and Compagnie Michèle Noiret director once again plunges into a solo at the heart of her artistic roots. The film paints a portrait of this Belgian artist through the story of this new piece Palimpseste. In every step of her creation, up to the first performance in Nantes in May 2014, Michèle Noiret reveals to us some of the territories she has explored, and is still exploring today. She relentlessly continues her researches for new paths of physical and visual expression. She takes a risk by comparing her body as it is now with how it was in the past. A documentary film directed by Tanguy Cortier, with the participation of Alice Gorissen, in coproduction with RTBF.


à Mains Nues


à Mains Nues (2002), choreographied and danced by Michèle Noiret. Directed by the Belgian film director Thierry Knauff, Michèle Noiret continues to explore new poetic perspectives and emotions, resorting to new visual and audio prospective. Michèle Noiret has received the Prix d'interprétation for her prestation in this film. (Cwb, Paris 2007). à Mains Nues has also received the Best Fiction Movie Price (Bombay, Miff 2008).




“Solo” is a cinematographic, choreographic and musical poem directed by the Belgian film director Thierry Knauff. It is based on the “Solo Stockhausen” choreographied and danced by Michèle Noiret. In it, a woman's progress in the world unfolds step by step. Solitary bearer of multiple imaginings, she dances her worlds of memories, sensations, discoveries and rekindled emotions. We offer an exceptional double bill: the performance 'Solo Stockhausen' and the film 'Solo', followed by the possibility for the audience to meet the choreographer and the film director.


Langage secret


Langage secret, a documentary about the creation of the piece and focused on Akarova, by the film director Michel Jakar. First prize in the category "Memory of dance" at the Grand Prix Vidéo Danse 97 in Stockholm (Carina Ari Memorial Foundation).




Palindrome, with Bud Blumenthal, for “Dansontsprong” directed by Jacques Servaes (BRTN). “Czech Cristal” Prize, Festival Prague d’Or 1.




Portrait, directed by Wilbur Leguebe for “Alice” (RTBF)




Vertèbre, adapted for television by Thomas De Norre (RTBF)


Louisiana Breakfast


Louisiana Breakfast, with Bud Blumenthal for “Traces de pas”, directed by Wilbur Leguebe (RTBF).



Quatre Chorégraphies Courtes
> Quatre Chorégraphies Courtes, directed by Thomas De Norre (RTBF).