En Jeu - Press

Creation from 4 to 9 May 1998, Le Botanique, Brussels


The pleasure of the game, on stage and in the audience
“Pleasure in an inventive, tonic and jubilatory dance of six performers. Pleasure in the fine complicity that connects them and is transmitted to the audience. Pleasure in a surprising, audacious choreography that renews the universe of one of our most remarkable creators. With this piece for six dancers, Michèle Noiret has taken signifiant risks... launching herself into a creation based upon humor, play and energy, while we were rather expecting the poetic, the mysterious and the fluid.
<En Jeu> denies nothing from the past, yet constitutes the evidence of a new advance in her work. In this explosive choreography everything overflows with humanity. A gesture, a glance, a few words whispered is enough to create a bond between the stage and the audience. And all of it atomized, mixed, spread out, re-invented... and superbly controlled.
An incomprehensible game of society in which it is enough to just to be present in order to rejoice.”
J-M Wynants,Le Soir, 6 May 1998