Collections - small forms 2019

Michèle Noiret initiates a work of creation of small forms, which are grouped together under the Collections concept.

Collections is the meeting of short creations, arranged in great detail or relying on structured improvisation.

An approach that opens the door to other creators: by seeking unexpected encounters, Michèle wants to explore unexplored terrain.

Some pieces in Collections were inspired by a fragment of music, a text, a film sequence and so on.

Others take the form of an interaction between technology and movement, of a tête-à-tête between two creators...

Collections is also an opportunity to rediscover intense moments, worked out during the rehearsals of a creation, but, for various reasons, not having found their place.

It is also a chance to take the extract of an existing dance and reinvent it out of its context.

Within the framework of preparatory workshops for Pas de côtés (scheduled for autumn 2019), a first small form will be created at the Théâtre National in Brussels during Festival XS in March 2019. The work will focus on texts, movements and interactive technology.

A second small form will be created at Les Brigittines in Brussels during April 2019. Michèle Noiret passes on the first part of the solo Vertèbre (created in 1989 at Théâtre Garonne in Toulouse) to the dancer Sara Tan, who has carte blanche to dream up the rest.

The pieces will run for between 10 and 20 minutes.

They can be accompanied by a brief explanation of the work, a discussion with the audience and workshops.