Chambre d'écoute

(The Listening Room)

First performance on January 25 - 26, 2016 with the Young Ballet of the Conservatoire National Supérieur Musique et Danse de Lyon at Amphithéâtre Culturel Université LYON II

Choreograph the invisible part of ourselves, and reveal this ‘off-stage’ that underlies life.” Michèle Noiret

This sentence could be the point of departure of this production with the dancers of the Young Ballet CNSMD de Lyon, which has been developed from the somewhat unusual perspective of a transfer of experience.

Based on the solo Palimpseste and the notion of "choreographic characters” developed in her career, the choreographer has chosen as central theme the construction of a particular stage presence in relation to the complexity of choreographic composition.

It is about awakening in the dancer an internal experience that will feed and reinforce his stage presence.

In the process of creation worked out with the personality of this group of students, Michèle Noiret invites each of them to compose a five-second cell that, like a leitmotiv, will contribute to the elaboration of the choreographic score.

The aim is to understand the movement and to recreate it through a sensitive experience, to breathe consciousness and corporality into the body that resonates with today’s world.

The important thing is to arrive at a singular creation, but above all to leave traces in everyone, traces that, in due course, reappear where they are perhaps not expected.