Dominique Godderis

Dominique was born in Tacoma, Washington USA. After recieving her BFA in Fine Arts from Fordham University and The Alvin Ailey School, she worked with Adele Myers and Dancers among others before setting out for Europe. While in Berlin she encountered the work of Michèle Noiret and moved to Belgium. She has collaborated with Michèle Noiret since 2005, and works in Belgium and beyond. Besides working as a performer Dominique has begun conducting her own research in sound/text/music.

Filipe Lourenço

Filipe was born in France. He started his career in 1988 performing Arabo-Andalous music, and for 12 years played with the El Albaycin orchestra. In 1997, he joined the Ecole Nationale de Danse Contemporaine d’Angers (CNCD), then worked with Olivier Bodin in France. He also worked with choreographers such as Patrick le Doaré, Catherine Diverrès, Georges Appaix, Joëlle Bouvier, Nasser Martin-Gousset and Olivier Dubois. In 2009, he created with performers Laurie Young and Giota Kallimani, the Company “The plant Collective” with which he created the performances Trente and Double Take. In 2010, he began his collaboration with Michèle Noiret in Minutes opportunes.


Marielle Morales

After her studies at the Conservatory of Bordeaux and with Alain Gonotey, (First Prize in 96 and 97), Marielle worked as a performer for Provisional Danza in Madrid, Sol Pico, Lapsus and SIAMB in Barcelona. Since 2004, in Brussels, she has performed with Belgian choreographers like Pierre Droulers, Thierry de Mey, Stefan Dreher, Fré Werbrouk, Lise Vachon and Michèle Noiret. She also developed her own work with her company Cie Mala Hierba. The pieces ZAAR, B.U.R, Un gouffre sous l’épaule et Le PLI (collaborating with A. Diaz) were performed in several festivals in Belgium, France, England and in Spain and received prizes in the BE Festival in Birmingham, and in the ACT Festival in Bilbao in 2010 and 2011. At the same time, she teaches internationally in various Art and Dance Highshools and Conservatories (CDC in Toulouse, CNR de Bordeaux, El Barco, Costa Rica, Highshool of Performing Art in Arnhem, Holland, RITS , Charleroi- Danses, Danscentrumjette in Brussels, Festival Deltebre in Spain, Festival Internacional de Contact in Barcelona, BE Festival in UK...). She joined the Michèle Noiret Company in February 2012 for a replacement in Minutes Opportunes and will take part in the new piece Hors-champ.

Igor Shyshko

Born in 1975, Igor Shyshko studies modern dance at University of Culture in Minsk. In 1997, he joins P.A.R.T.S. (Performing Art Research and Training Studios), where he 's graduate in 2000. He works with choreographer Thomas  Hauert and Jonathan Burrows, and with Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker and Rosas, where he dances in numerous performances. In 2010, he works with Michèle Noiret for Minutes opportunes.

Lise Vachon
Lise was born in Canada and studied dance in Montreal and Toronto. She moved to Belgium in 1997 to attend P.A.R.T.S., the school of Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, and graduated in 2000. She then worked as a dancer and as an assistant with Arco Renz, as well as other choreographers in Belgium. Between 2005 and 2006 she was rehearsal director for Rosas. She choreographed three dances for the “Bal moderne” and teaches regularly for this event. She has assisted choreographers in opera staging at La Monnaie/de Munt in Brussels, L’Opéra de Paris and at La Scala in Milan. Since 2006, she works with Michèle Noiret as a dancer for the creations and international touring of Chambre blanche (2006), Les Arpenteurs (2007) and Minutes Opportunes (2010), and as assistant for DEMAIN (2009). She is also developing her personal approach to teaching contemporary dance. In 2008, she has created and performed her own solo entitled bliss, and in June 2011 has presented her creation Sliding, a duet she dances with Marielle Morales. In 2012, she presents her latest creation entitled Zones, a duet she dances with Igor Shyshko.
Elena Borghese

Born in 1976, Elena Borhese was trained in contemporary dance at the Nation Dance Centre in Lyon. She worked as a performer with Annick Charlot, Dedans, Denis Plassard, Montévidéo, Camping, Discours, L.O.U.P. Ondes de choc, Bud Blumenthal, Reflections of Ulysses and Pierre Rigal, Arrêts de jeu. Les Arpenteurs is her first project with Michèle  Noiret’s company.

Julie Devigne

Trained in contemporary dance at the CNR and CNSMD in Lyon, France Julie Devigne then spent a year in South Korea where she met young Korean choreographers, but also jean Gaudin (recreation of Paupières Rebelles) and Kristina Sommerlade, with whom she would work again in 2005 in the UK. She worked in France as a dancer with Patrice Barthès, Hervé Robbe, then Christian Bourigault and became a member of Georges Appaix’s Company – La Liseuse – in 2006 for the creation A Postériori. A the end of the year she began work on Michèle Noiret’s project Les Arpenteurs.

Matthieu Guenegou

Born in Vannes on 22 February 1981, he began his training in classical dance at the where he CNSMD in Lyon then changed paths opting for contemporary dance where he had the chance to meet several quality visiting professors such as Anne Martin, Patricia Kuypers, Rita Quaglia, Thierry De Mey. After the conservatory he worked for the company Preljocaj where he created, with the collaboration of a group of Czech researchers on movement capture and other performances. He became a member of the company Gambit Le Grand Jeté, Wejna. With such culture centres, he participated in many initiation and teaching sessions notably with school children. In June 2006, he met Michèle Noiret and became a member of her company in Brussels, while simultaneously coming across CUBe, with the choreography of Christian Ubl with whom he began an artistic relationship. Les Arpenteurs is his first creation with Michèle Noiret.

Nicolas Hubert
Nicolas Hubert was born in Boulogne-Billancourt in 1973. Initially trained in visual arts (earned a degree from the School of Fine Arts in Mans in 1996), he was also trained in contemporary dance. He has danced since 1996 for several companies (Co. Marie Lenfant, Co. Pascoli, Co. Linga, Co. Hervé Koubi), and has participated in improv performances, notably for the project Container, by l’ASBL Transition (Patricia Kuypers and Franck Beaubois).
Since 2000 he has developed his own choreographic work and set design Le fond de l’air effraie…(2000), Ritournelle (2004), Métaphormose(s) (in development), through his own company (compagnie épiderme / Grenoble). Les Arpenteurs is his first creation with Michèle Noiret.

Isael Cruz Mata
Isael was born in Caracas in Venzuela. He is circassian, dancer and choreographer. He began his dance training at the Caracas Dance Institute in 1992 and continued his studies at the Central University of Venezuela where he enrolled in theory classes in theatre, visual arts and philosophy. He arrived in Belgium to collaborate with The X-Group P.A.R.T.S., directed by Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker. He also studied at the Nationale School of Circus Annie Fratellini in France.
He has danced with several choreographers as Tim Feldmann, Roberto Olivan, Mey-Ling Bisogno, Maria Clara Villalobos and Michèle Noiret. He collaborated with the actor and director Josse de Pauw on the performance SS. He created Puzzle (2005) which received the 1st prize at the International Festival of Young Choreographers in Venezuela, Casa 26 (2000) with The X Group, P.A.R.T.S, S-Main Gauche (2003) with Agostina D’Alessandro and German Fonzalida (Young Talent Prize from the City of Paris), Sudar Reseco (1999) with Osmany Tellez. He teaches Release Technique, Flying Low, acrobatic dance, and contact improvisation throughout the world (Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico, Croatia, Finland, the Netherlands and in Belgium), teaching the likes of Need Company, Feria Musica, at Danscentrum Jette, and for Compagnie Thor.

Shantala Pèpe

Shantala Pèpe first began her dance training at the Conservatory of Dance of Avignon (France), where she studied the techniques of ballet, contemporary, Graham, and modern jazz from 1997 to 2002. Exploring mostly the styles of contemporary and improvisation, Shantala has collaborated mainly in multidisciplinary projects developing her skills in dance, interpretation, assistant artistic and choreography.
She worked with choreographers as Irene K., Fernando Martin, Denis Detournay, Helen Wiliams, Sheron Wray, Annick Charlot and musicians as Winton Marsalis and the Lincoln Jazz Orchestra, the No Neck Blues Band, L’Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles, Daniel Kientzy, Jan Vaclav Vanek...
In the same time she develops her own work with several international independent artist collectives and more recently joins the company Mossoux-Bonté and the company Michèle Noiret in Belgium.

Sarah Piccinelli

Born in Paris in 1972, Sarah Piccinelli began studying classical dance in Italy. A recipient of several scholarships to study, she made her debut as a performer with Luc Bouy and Sacha Ramos. She left Italy to work in the Maguy Marin company and then became involved in different companies in Belgium : Michèle-Anne De Mey, Matteo Moles, Fernando Martin and now Michèle Noiret. In addition, she works in opera with Lucinda Childs and Bob Wilson. She is also beginning to practice theatre with Isabelle Soupart.



Juan Benitez

Juan was born in 1975 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in Spain. He studied contemporary dance in Las Palmas, Madrid and Barcelona with among others : Mónica Valenciano, Olga Mesa, Carmelo Salazar, Mercedes Boronat, Carmelo Fernández and Benoît Lachambre. He then worked as a performer with Monica Valenciano, Carmelo Fernández, Karine Ponties, Rasmus Olme & Max Cuccaro, Erika Zueneli, Olivier Renouf, Koen Augustijnen, and Michèle Noiret. In 1997, he founded, along with Camelo Fernández the dance company “Elojodelafaraona” and created the performances Do hens think? (1998), De cuando el hambre… (1998), Maybe Tomorrow (1999), La bodega de los feos (2001), Zurdo (2002), Identidades Mediafest (2002). He has lived in Brussels since 2003 where he continues his choreographic research. Since 2001, he has participated in fasciapulsology training courses and Body-Mind Centering with Florence Augendre.




François Brice

Born in Paris in 1968, François Brice studied architecture and then dance in the National Center of contemporary dance in Angers. He worked in Paris with Philippe Decouflé, Odile Duboc, William Petit and in Brussels with Wim Vandekeybus / Ultima Vez and Sam Louwyck. He dances in Michele Noiret's Territoires intimes. Since a few years, he makes his own choreographic work and follows some acting training.



Barthélémy Manias-Valmont

Born in Nevers (France) in 1978, Barthélémy Manias start to study contemporary dance in 1997 in Lille 3 University. He worked then for Cie Coline in Istres in 2001 where he danced in pieces from Mirjam Berns, Jean-Claude Gallotta, Bernard Glandier and more. He joins Cie Michèle Noiret in 2003 on the project Intimates territories.

Ali Salmi

Durant ses études d’ingénierie et d’architecture à Nancy, la structure urbaine et historique poussent Ali Salmi a expérimenté un travail d’acteur corporel dans les lieux urbains : place, rue, friche industrielle, pont... Après un bref passage à l’école de mimodrame Marcel Marceau en 1991, il découvre la danse contemporaine. Ses recherches sur un travail proche de la matière et des éléments l’amènent vers la danse Buto et débouchent sur la naissance d'Osmosis Cie où il développe un théâtre physique pour ne retrouver que le corps. Depuis, à travers différentes créations en espaces publiques, il travaille sur la recherche d’une danse engagée, physique, théâtrale, poétique et absurde autour de nos parcours de vie, de la mémoire et des migrations. Parallèlement, de 1998 à 2002, il collabore au processus de création de la Cie Ultima Vez/ Wim Vandekeybus (B), en tant que danseur. En 2002, il créé en association avec Saïd Garbi (danseur non-voyant) et Georg Weinand (dramaturge), Les Ballets du Grand Maghreb: rencontre au sein de l’Imaginaire du Monde Arabe et Contemporain.

Bud Blumenthal
Bud Blumenthal is an American-born choreographer. Since 1992, he has been producing his works in Europe where he settled in 1988 to become part of the Plan K Company, headed by Frédéric Flamand. He danced in Michèle Noiret's L’Espace Oblique (1993), in Tollund (1993-94), and in In Between (2000).
His background is eclectic – he practiced sport intensively before exploring the techniques of yoga, tai chi chuan and improvised dance. His encounter with Michèle Noiret, in Belgium, marked the beginnings of his career as a choreographer, in the duet Louisiana Breakfast (1991) that they created together. Since his appearance at Avignon in 2000, with 24 Haïkus (solo, 1996) and Noeud de Sable (duet, 1997), and in the Festival des Hivernales 2001, with the production of Les Entrailles de Narcisse, his choreographies have met with growing interest, notably for his way of conjugating poetry and fluidity of movement with new technology. This approach is used in River Tryptych which brings together the duet Rivermen (1999), the solo Les Entrailles de Narcisse and the trio Red Cliff. In 2002, he created Phantom Limbic for the Ballet de Lorraine, a tribute to Loïe Fuller that includes computer-generated images and special effects. Besides these investigations, he sometimes explores hybridizations of style in his pieces, notably Spledge (2000, mixing hip hop, club style and contemporary dance) and recently with african dance in the duet Groundscape (for the Festival Africalia).
In 2004, at the Charleroi/Danses Biennal, Bud Blumenthal will present a production based on Odysseus and James Joyce’s novel: Les Reflets d’Ulysse. This work is the subject of a preliminary gestural and technological study, the solo Les Sentiers d’Ulysse.
Cie Bud Blumenthal / Hybrid is subsidized by the Ministère de la Communauté française Wallonie-Bruxelles and by the DRAC Ile de France (grant for projects).

Caroline Cornélis

Born in Belgium, Caroline Cornélis got her dance education at the Dance School "La leçon" from 1984 to 1987 and at the Conservatory of Brussels from 1987 to 1992. After she danced for Alix Riga, Philippe Olza, Gabriella Koutchoumova, Stijn Coninkx, Martine Cardinal, Claudio Bernardo, Shiri Katz, Frédéric Flamand and Paulo Ribeiro.
She also created her own choreographies together with Jeroen Baeyens : "Iota Dance", "Zeit und Zeitung" and "Paw". She danced in Twelve Seasons choreographied by Michèle Noiret in May 2001.

Joëlle Demulder

Born in Belgium, Joëlle Demulder got her dance education in Louvain-la-Neuve (F.E.D, Dance Teaching Education) from 1994 to 1996. After P.A.R.T.S (1996-1998), she follows masterclassesand workshops in Montréal with Jose Navas, Peter Boneham, Ginette Laurin and in New York at Trisha Brown Studio, Ballet (Janet Panetta),...
Since 1999 she has been working with Gabriella Koutchoumova and Michèle Noiret Noiret ( Twelve Seasons in 2001) in Brussels, and Wendy Osserman in the Judson Church in New York . She has also participated in Le Bal Moderne organised by Bruxelles/Brussel 2000.

Stéphane Hisler

Born in France, Stephane Hisler got his dance education at La Compagnie Coline in Istres (France) and has worked with Serge Ricci, Olga de Soto, Michèle Noiret (“In Between” (2000) and “Twelve Seasons”(2001)), David Hernandez...




Melanie Munt
Melanie Munt got her dance education in Berlin, Rotterdam and Brussels. During her education, she approached the work of Cesc Gelabert, Susanne Linke, Frey Faust, Lance Gries, Pierre Droulers, Jonathan Burrows, William Forsythe, Trisha Brown, Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker. Graduated from P.A.R.T.S. in 1998, she works with David Hernandez, Bud Blumenthal, Joanne Leighton and Michèle Noiret. Since 2002 she started her own choreographic work in collaboration with the musician Marco Blaauw: "Solo auf Schwellen", "Co-Incidents", in collaboration with the puppet player Cyril Bourgois: "Victor Occisor", as well as solo works: "Gerückt" and "Popsongs" (première march 2004).

Claire O’Neil
Claire O’Neil is from Wellington, New Zealand where she has been a freelance dancer and choreographer for the past nine years. She has danced with all of New Zealands leading choreographers, most notably Douglas Wright and Michael Parmenter. Her choreography includes "j.o.g", "Caffeine", and "Double Back". She teaches contemporary dance in Belgium in companies like Wim Vandekeybus (Ultima Vez), Rosas, Meg Stuart (Damaged Goods)  and in others countries. She dances in Michèle Noiret Twelve Seasons and was the choreographical assistant of Les Familiers du labyrinthe.



Jordi L. Vidal

Formé à Barcelone à la danse classique et contemporaine, Jordi L. Vidal complèta sa formation par des cours de théâtre, de technique pilates, release, feldenkrais, théâtre physique, flamenco, et fut notamment danseur invité au Folkwang Hoschschule à Essen en Allemagne. Il danse, notamment, avec Thierry Smits, Bert Van Gorp, Gonnie Heggen, Enzo Pezzella, Ron Bunzl, Zeca Nunes, Feri de Geus, David Poutney, Conny Janssen, Alvaro de la Pena, Miriam Naysi, Constanza Macras, Norbert Kliest, Bambi Uden, David Poutney, Maria Clara Villa Lobos et Mossoux-Bonté. Il est interprète dans le projet “Twelve Seasons” (mai 2001) de Michèle Noiret. Il est également professeur invité notamment à la Vlaamse Dansakademie, Hoger Instituut voor Dans Lier; Stedelijk Instituut voor Ballet, Summer Studios/Rosas-Parts, Yantra, Arabesque, Institut Dalcroze (B); St.Peter Bulcaen, Danstraining Brabants, Danstheater Arena (NL), Tänzfabrik, Dock 11, Tanzhaus NRW, Kolner Tanz Agentuur, Mind The Gap (D). En tant que chorégraphe, il a créé les spectacles “I'm Fine, Thank You!” et “I Will See” au Danswerkplaats d'Amsterdam, “Here And Now” à l'Espace Catastrophe de Bruxelles et "Gopher Mambo Xtra" pour Le Bal Moderne 2003 / Rosas.

Emilio Gutiérrez

Born in Spain in 1971, Emilio Gutiérrez learnt his craft from 1988 to 1993 at the Guinardo Dance School and the Barcelona Theatre Institute. When still a student he took part in several professional performances, working in particular with the “Lanonima Imperial” and the “Metros” company, under the artistic direction of Ramon Oller. Over the same period, he also composed two dance performances. The one won the first Ricardo Morogas prize in Barcelona and the other the second Certamen Choreografic prize in Madrid. Since 1996 he has divided his time between Barcelona (where he participates in the Nats Nus company) and Brussels, where he contributed to the creation of Michèle Noiret’s group performance Les Plis de la Nuit. In 1997, he danced in a work especially created for him by Michèle Noiret: Hisolo. At the same time as touring with Les Plis de la Nuit and Hisolo, Emilio Gutiérrez is currently involved in developing his own choreographic works under the heading of Projecte Gallina.