A Mains Nues









à Mains Nues


After the wonderful Solo (2004), Thierry Knauff throws a new bridge between dance and cinema.

Freely inspired by a text of Joseph Noiret and a choreography of his daughter Michèle, à Mains Nues is a film-poem of a singular beauty.

With shadow and light for partners, Michèle Noiret approachs, fears and confronts herself with worlds borns from her own dance. Diziness of movement and pleasure of pure cinema are gathered for the time of a film in a commin fluidity. The one of some dreams.

Fruit of the meeting of a cineast and a choreographer, à Mains Nues is not the captation of a performance but an original creation for the screen.

For this film, dancer's partner is her own father, poet Joseph Noiret, co-founder of Cobra.





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