Solo Stockhausen

Creation 3 and 4 September 1997, Festival Bellone Brigittines, Brussels

Michèle Noiret was 16 when she met the German composer, Karlheinz Stockhausen. For the following 15 years she materialised the movement notation system created by the composer as a faithful reflection of his scores.

In Solo Stockhausen the two meet again in a new, reversed relationship. Today the choreographer approaches the composer's music with great freedom, perfect control and fascinating presence. Between polyphony and attention to every detail, she creates a dance piece that, while being carried by the music, finds its own space within it, its own breath, its specific existence.

In 2004, the film maker Thierry Knauff has created a cinematographical poem, Solo, freely inspired by the Solo Stockhausen. The company proposes a special evening with the performance and the projection of the film.

The performance is available with live musicians (Ensemble Itinéraire, Paris).