December 1997

"Hisolo, which was especially designed for the dancer Emilio Gutiérrez, may be regarded as a process of gradually taking over the senses and body. The work begins with a lengthy period during which there is no sign of movement at all. Standing, with his head buried under a cloth, the dancer seems to gather within himself, listening to the world, where he prepares to act. His encounter with the outside world is achieved by sharp movements, by impulses that go awry, that elude consciousness and the will like a slip of the tongue. Then the dance becomes focused, the body flare up into a rage and subsidise into a state of calm. It does so at random as the dancer removes tiny texts from his pocket, until he is brought face to face with a suspended fish. Hisolo is marked with the stamp of two creative styles that draw sustenance from each other to form a skilful mixture: Michèle Noiret's clear and refined dance is blended with the Spanish sense of mystery and mysticism of the marvellous dancer Emilio Gutiérrez."
By Isabelle Brochard (Les Saisons de la Danse)


A production of:
La Cie Michèle Noiret/Tandem asbl

In coproduction with:
Le Botanique, Centre Culturel de la Communauté française de Belgique.

With the support of: :
Le Ministère de la Communauté française de Belgique- Service de la Danse, de la Commission Communautaire française (CoCof) et du Commissariat Général aux Relations Internationales (CGRI).