Mes jours et mes nuits

Creation 17 > 20 April 2002, at Théâtre Les Tanneurs, Brussels

The interactive performance Mes jours et mes nuits has been conceived through several research and presentation phases in Belgium and abroad (the PROSPECTIVE(S) projects). During the creation process the choreographer collaborated with numerous artists working with images, sound, space and lighting. She confronted the body in movement with new interactive technologies, in keeping with her artistic project's rigour and poetic originality.

picture by Supinfocom

In Mes jours et mes nuits Michèle Noiret continually interacts with her multimedia environment. She is as much a real and tangible presence as a character from a dream, a ghostly trace, an echo. The audience, who is constantly kept on the alert, is no longer able to distinguish between true experience and figments of the imagination. Time and space seem to warp, to adopt conflicting motions. As to the dancer, she seems to cross spaces and times without end, days and nights, conscious thought and imagination, until they all become impossible to distinguish.

The PROSPECTIVE(S) projects

The PROSPECTIVE(S) projects are being created within a series of forms in evolution, explorations and experiments presented by several venues and partners during the 2001-2002 and 2002-2003 seasons.

Depending on the chosen approach, the PROSPECTIVE(S) projects instigate encounters with new artistic ideas, reinvented according to the venue where they will be performed and to previously gathered experiences. These explorations of the interaction between movement and a specific medium (images, sound, text, music, scenography) present themselves as preliminary moments of reflection for present and future choreographical projects.

The PROSPECTIVE(S) projects are in-depth studies of space deconstruction and of the integration of new interactive sound and imaging technology, initiated in the company's most recent pieces. Michèle Noiret opts for an approach in which time has been given its due: as the new technologies bring about a more complex relation with creative work, as they change the performer's role and function, they require that time be set apart to investigate every specific approach.

7, 9 & 10 February 2002,
Festival Temps d’Images (Festival organised by Arte & la Ferme du Buisson)
La Ferme du Buisson, Scène Nationale de Marne-la-Vallée (F)

PROSPECTIVE II (Mes jours et mes nuits)
17 > 20 April 2002,
at Théâtre Les Tanneurs, Brussels ( B)

PROSPECTIVE III (  Sait-on jamais? )

1 February 2003 : Samedi Danse, La Ferme du Buisson, Scène Nationale de Marne-la-Vallée (F)
19 April 2003 : Théâtre d’Angoulême, Scène Nationale
9 > 13 May 2003 : De Kriekelaar, KunstenFESTIVALdesArts, Brussels (B)